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Tips to develop an SEO friendly website

As we know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way to help gain more traffic and to make our company higher in the rank of the search engine. Search engine optimization is not just about making your web site better for people it’s about building search engine-friendly web sites too. Search engine optimization refers to techniques that are used to get better a website's visibility and therefore ranking with search engines.

What is an SEO friendly website?

First, we will discuss what SEO friendly websites? It’s a pretty generic statement. So what exactly does it mean? An SEO friendly website it’s unproblematic for search engines to crawl and understand the shape and its content material. Search engine optimization is an exceedingly imperative part of your online presence. The importance of building an SEO-friendly website is undeniable. In case you use search engine optimization efficiently, you may enhance your search engine ranking and impel more traffic on your website. If you want the public to locate your website, then you must apply SEO techniques on your website or you can hire a SEO expert from BRISKBASE. Integrating SEO optimizations into your website will grow your online presence on search engines like Google and Bing. It's essential to ease the activity of the bot so one can be ranked speedy and without difficulty.

How to develop an SEO friendly Website?

Here are some characteristics of an SEO Friendly Website.

  • Must have a unique title and description

We know that titles are crucial things in SEO. Every web page of the website which includes the home web page has a unique title and description.

Titles are the main things that users see when they search for something on Google or another seek engine. They serve a motive, mainly for search engines like Google and Bing. The title meta tag can also be used on maximum social media platforms.

  • Friendly URLs structure

It has a well-formatted URL structure because it is a very important one. So, simplify your URLs so that you have unique ones for every web page. Don’t neglect this thing because it is one of the most crucial parts of the page. A well-formatted URL which can be designed to satisfy the desires of users and searchers. Developing keywords at the URL’s of your SEO friendly web design can grab the traffic you’re searching out. Another important benefit of Friendly URL structure is bookmark when the users open more than one website the URL acts as a reminder. It is a brief look that reminds them of which website is set for your product.

  • Easy and unique content

Here, you should have unique and without duplicatable content for your site. All websites have unique and beneficial content this means a website can not be search engine optimization friendly if it has content material imitative from different websites. So, instead of copying or imitating someone else’s site to make your website easy and effective, you must write it by yourself. The content that can be easily understood by the users. The replica content is leading to search engine optimization problems to make somebody pay your rankings, so try to avoid duplication.

  • Meaningful page structure

A web page commonly has the subsequent factors:

  • web page title
  • well-formatted text, textual content is alienated into several short paragraphs with subheadings
  • Author data
  • Footer
  • Header

  • Avoid keyword stuffing

Google has always liked the natural websites showing only what it is but normally people used keyword stuffing or repetition of a word. When we use one or more than one word over and over again in any article or an essay then we call it keyword stuffing. If your goal is to rank some specific terms, avoid any type of keyword stuffing otherwise it will harm your rankings. So if you want to make your website effective and SEO friendly so must have avoided it.

  • Optimize your image

Images are a vital part of your website but they can often be ignored when it comes to SEO optimization. Optimize image means to maintain the quality of the picture but reduce the size as much as possible.If your website takes more than three seconds to load, users are irritated with it, which will significantly increase your bounce rate, and ultimately affect your conversions. So, whenever you implement your website keep its size as small as possible and the quality should be as good as possible. It helps in improving page load speed and attracts the users.

  • Make sure your design accessible

If your website isn’t completely reachable, then it's going to affect your ranking with search engines. Your website ought to be viewable on all browsers, as if it is not, it will cause the visitors to exit your website, without purchasing any products. Make your site accessible on every browser so that a customer does not have to face any trouble to find your site and can easily visit and purchase your product. Make sure that your web page appears accurate on all browsers, that it loads properly, and doesn't upload any images that need a lot of time to load. That's very annoying.

  • Answer to comments

Give your readers access to comment so they can give you feedback. Whether their comments are positive or negative, it indicates that your content has worth and they are reading it. and try to respond to each of their comments whether positive or negative and keep your tone soft so that you can convince your customer to purchase your product.

Why do we need an SEO friendly website?

Sometimes new webmasters don’t easily understand why they want an SEO friendly website and why we make the effort to make their website SEO friendly to search engines. So here, we will discuss some aspects that why we need it. When the users come to visit your site automatically it increases organic traffic on the website. It allows you to understand what your customers want. You can analyze the behavior of your customers. Let's say how they enter your website or what they click, how they go away etc is a great way to analyze your visitor’s attitude and what they want and how you will adjust your site accordingly to their needs.


An SEO friendly website has positive characteristics that can help search engines bot to understand what the website is all about. This increases the chances of achieving better rankings. The main benefit of this is that you can grab more traffic and convert them into leads.